We feel there was a need for a definitive online source for apartment listings in just the metro New York area. We cover the core Metro NY Areas including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Long Island.  Period. Okay, maybe Staten Island as well one day soon. That’s it. The New York City Boroughs – Nowhere Else. Other websites cover the entire United States. I believe that by doing so, they are not an expert in any one region or area. We are. We know the City & it’s surrounding areas well. We all grew up here.  And we designed our company to become the destination website for people looking for apartment listings in the metro New York area." Our Clients are realtors, property managers, & private listers. Our members are renters looking for an apartment in the metro NY area. We strive to bring everyone together. By only showing properties in the Metro New York Area, we ensure that the Client’s target audience, NYC renters, are viewing the listings, making them more cost effective and therefore more profitable. We are aggressively marketing and advertising our website. We want your ads to be seen by as many folks as possible. We want to offer the best listings for our members to view. Placing your ad via our online form will ensure the listing is shown immediately. No approval. No wait time. We want to remind you that since there is no approval process, there is also no editing. Take your time, & review your ad before finalizing it. Any ad that contains adult, offensive or hate type language will be pulled immediately, at our discretion. We are a family friendly business. To launch our new site, we suspended the listing fees in the Metro Free Package. We also offer three additional Advertising Packages: (Also offering special ‘launch’ pricing) 1. Metro Basic 2. Metro Standard 3. Metro Premium To see all packages, please view our Advertising Page. All package pricing will increase within the next month or so.  We will notify all listers when the package rates will return to our normal price structure, giving them plenty of time to make any changes before their next billing cycle.  We suggest you register now to lock in these special launch prices. Registering is easy – Just click here and fill out the short form. Welcome aboard! You are encouraged to start your search or place your ad. You will receive an email conformation shortly. What does the future hold for Metro New York Apartments? Several advertising enhancements will be added to the new site. These features will deliver additional distribution and increased lead generation for our advertisers.  We are always working to create the best possible experience for our members & clients alike. We strive for excellence and we welcome your feedback. Here’s what one member had to say: “By focusing on just the metro NY area, Metro NY Apartments proves to be unique, and is destined to be the expert in this region. With free listings and launch special offers, expect to see this site populate with metro New York area rental listings, and renters quickly.” K. Malone Please contact us with suggestions, concerns,or comments. We here at Metro New York Apartments hope you enjoy your experience with us. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with our clients & advertisers.We hope that our members find their new home easily and quickly! Let’s all have some fun! This is a no stress zone! Wishing You Much Success, Metro New York Apartments

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